Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

Publication date: April 2019


This document governs the usage of hopla. Legal vocabulary tends to be difficult to read, so here's a quick summary. Of course, we recomment you read the whole thing.

  • This document is about hopla, and its usage
  • Since hopla is based in France the French law is applicable
  • If you use hopla, you accept these conditions
  • We do our best to guarantee that hopla runs perfectly, but we're not liable if something goes wrong
  • We expect you to be a responsible human being: respect the law, respect others, respect copyright. Otherwise we'll delete your albums and kick you out.
  • We store as little data as we can to make sure the service works. Our servers are in Paris.
  • Album contents are yours. We don't access them, unless you ask us to. We don't resell your data or your photos and we have no intention of doing so.


This document defines the rules between us. If you disagree, you can't use hopla.

HOPLA is an internet site accessible at the following URL:, iit is owned and managed by MEDIAPPS a French SA-type company registered under n° 801 429 135 in the Paris Commerce Registry. Our adress is 12 rue vivienne, Paris, France.

This document governs the relationship between the internet users connecting to HOPLA ("Users" or "You"), wether they use our services or not, and MEDIAPPS.

These conditions are applicable worldwide and governed by French law.

Should one of this disposition of this document become void, the entirety of the other dispositions would still remain applicable.

MEDIAPPS reserves the rights to modify the content of this document. In that case it will update the last modified date, and previous versions will remain accessible for comparison purposes.

If you connect to or use HOPLA, you accept the entirety of this document. Otherwise, you agree to immediately leave the site.

How does HOPLA work?

You share pictures on Hopla. We keep them online for the duration of your album, but no longer than necessary.

When you create an album, MEDIAPPS keeps your email address to send you the link to your album.

When you upload pictures, they are saved on our servers for the duration of your album.

Photo storage is managed by Amazon Web Services France. Their privacy policy is available here.

Two weeks after your album has expired, your photos are removed permanently from MEDIAPPS servers.

MEDIAPPS doesn't rate limit uploads, but if your connection is slow or if you are uploading a lot of pictures, it may take a while to upload.

HOPLA is a service for adults. If you're under 16 years old, you have to obtain permission from a parent, tutor or guardian to use HOPLA.

Limited Liability

MEDIAPPS is a web host. We strive to provide a high quality service, but sometimes we mess up. If something feels wrong, contact us.

MEDIAPPS does everything to provide the highest quality of service. That said, like every other internet service, there may be services interruptions or the occasional bug. In that case, you can contact our support email and the team will process your requests in an efficient manner.

Users understand that they have to protect their own devices and network while accessing HOPLA. It's up to them to get protection against viruses, malware and other nuisances.


  • cannot control the content of the photos uploaded and shared by users,
  • is only a passive host with regards to content,
  • does not intervene or provide advice or consulting with regard to the content publishing.

As such, MEDIAPPS is recognized as a Host under French Law.

MEDIAPPS excludes all liability with regards to the album contents and its usage, as well as consequences towards users or third parties.

In compliance with the french law, anyone can bring knowledge of illegal content to MEDIAPPS by writing to with a description of the album. Once we receive the claim, MEDIAPPS services will do everything in their power to remove the illicit content, within a reasonable timeframe.

Your obligations

The photos you share should comply with the law. Otherwise we'll delete them.

You commit to respecting MEDIAPPS values, and will not share on HOPLA illegal content, and will not harm to try to cause harm to others.You are strictly forbidden from copyright ingringement and intellectual property theft.

You will not upload or share photos containing illegal content such as (non exhaustive list):

  • Insulting, Sexist, Racist, Xenophobic, Revisionist or any content that may harm the integrity, honor, reputation or image of an indivual, community or organization,
  • Pedo-pornographic content, pornographic content aimed at harming the reputation of an individual,
  • Content infringing the rights of one or several third parties, such as intellectual property rights, industrial property rights or file rights of persons,
  • Content advocating or inciting hatred, crime, suicide or self-harm,
  • Content advocating war crimes, crimes against humanity, or acts of terrorism,
  • Content in breach of confidentiality,

These rules apply to the content of albums as well as their metadata (title)

More generally, any element of any nature and form having a character contrary to good morals and regulations and jurisprudence in force in France and within the European Union.

Users are also prohibited from collecting the personal data relating to other users to whom it could have access and to make an illicit and / or commercial use.

Users are warned that they must, prior to any transfer, loading or exchange of files on HOPLA ensure that they hold all the rights or, where applicable, to obtain rights attached to them.

They remain solely responsible for the actions in response, particularly in the event of infringement or any other infringement of the rights of third a file transfer initiated by them.

For its part, MEDIAPPS undertakes to guarantee the complete confidentiality of the files loaded and transferred between the Users, in fact, no other person except the Senders Users and the Destination Users as chosen by the sender User will have access to the files.

MEDIAPPS commits to never sell photos or data uploaded by users

Protection of Personal Data

We only use your data to deliver Hopla. GDPR gives you many rights on this data. We extend those rights to our non EU users.

For the purposes of the activity of Hopla, You must provide personal information to identify you such as your e-mail address.

MEDIAPPS will never sell this data to third parties.

This information, which is subject to automated processing, is exclusively for Hopla.

This information is kept for a period strictly necessary for the use of Hopla.

In case of death, and as soon as MEDIAPPS is duly informed personal data about you will be deleted as soon as possible.

MEDIAPPS uses cookies to measure the use of Hopla. This allows us to measure how many people use the site, and which features are used most frequently. Currently, Hopla uses Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, services of Google, to measure usage, by depositing 3 cookies: ga, gid and gatUA

These cookies do not allow to personally identify a user, and are only used for counting purposes. We also add an internal cookie named hopla, which allows us to measure usage anonymously: how many times album is seen and how many collaborators participate. This cookie does not store any personal information.

Moreover, only the use of the site is measured. We do not follow you on other websites.

You can set your browsers to not accept these cookies. Except action on your part, these cookies are kept in your browser for a period of 13 months.

You can also, under the GDPR, contact us at the address to exercise your rights of access, opposition, modification or portability.


We don't store or process your payment information on Hopla. We let Stripe do it as they're the most secure solution for that

Some options of HOPLA require payment. These offers are displayed in US Dollars, all taxes included, including VAT (20%).

MEDIAPPS reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, while guaranteeing the application of the price in force the day of the order. Orders are cashed in on the day of payment.

MEDIAPPS does not process or store any payment information, the entire payment process is secured by STRIPE whose general conditions are available here:

In case of refusal of payment, the purchase of the option will be canceled.

For any problem that occurred during the payment, you can contact us at:

Security and Data Access

Everyone you share a link with will have access to your photos. The hopla team won't access your albums, unless you ask us to as part of a support conversation.

Hopla is a semi private links system: your hopla links are not discoverable via a search engine, but everyone with access to the link will be able to see your photos.

The HOPLA team does not access your albums, except at your request, or when reporting inappropriate content.

In addition, your HOPLA photo uploads are secured with SSL / TLS, which provides encryption during the transfer.

We regularly test HOPLA applications and infrastructure to identify any faults.

You can also contact us at for more information on this subject.

Intellectual Property

Please don't copy Hopla's logo, website or design.

The elements appearing on the Site such as in particular, and not exhaustive, the structure, the articles, the drawings, the photographs, the illustrations, the logos, the mark and the animations, are protected by the French law for intellectual property.

These elements are the full property of MEDIAPPS or third parties, and any reproduction, publication, complete or partial diffusion of these protected elements for any purpose whatsoever, is prohibited in that it contravenes the provisions of the law of the French Intellectual Property Code. Any violation of intellectual and industrial property rights will be prosecuted in front of the appropriate civil and / or criminal lawsuits before the French courts.

Applicable Law

French Law applies.

Any dispute about the provisions of this document is the responsibility of the Court of Appeal of Paris unless otherwise required by law.

En savoir plus

How Hopla works


Enter your album name and email address to create your shared album


Check your email for the link to your album


Import photos and share the link with your friends so everyone can add their photos


The shared album will remain online for 15 days. Need more time?


You can create as many album as you need and share as many photos as necessary with your friends.


Hopla albums are available for 15 days, so you can have the time do share and collect everyone’s photos. If you need more time, you can upgrade to our premium plans.


Hopla is different from other sharing apps and platforms since every friend you invite can view and add photos without signing up!